Primal Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

Primal Rosemary Olive Oil Cake My kitchen is a mess. I dont mean messy, I mean it has too much of too many types of food in it. It looks like three different families just stopped by and dropped off their weekly groceries. Im trying to remain calm about it. “Itll all work out,” I say to myself. Ill just make some big soups”. But in fact it all has me a little nervous and confused. First off, this is the time of year...

Primal Plane Food

Primal Plane Food Its six in the morning and Ive just started the coffee. Today is the day of our big trip. The whole crew will be returning to my birthplace, Portland, Oregon and then the coast. This will be the girls first plane trip and, subsequently, my first plane trip with them. Until now Id have preferred chewing tinfoil to sitting next to my kids on an airplane for any length of time. Family vacation seemed a...

A Primal Sandwich Solution

A Primal Sandwich Solution My go-to lunch is a chunk of meat cooked up with some vegetables on the stove. At the moment, however, we are deep into summer and I really havent been feeling like pushing food around over a hot stove at noon. Furthermore, It is not always convenient to be home at lunch time. If youve been eating primal for any length of time I am sure you have come to know the elusive nature of the on-the-go lunch in a...

Hello Again

Hello Again Hi there. As some of you have noticed, this blog has been sitting here, neglected, for about 9 months. I dont have a very good explanation – no family crises or sudden deaths. I appreciate all of the emails I have received and I apologize if I didnt get back to you. I feel guilty about the kind and generous emails I never responded to. Please know that I did mean to. When I started this blog I didnt...

Primal Pumpkin Pie – Paleo Too!

Primal Pumpkin Pie – Paleo Too! I have mixed feelings about eating primal on Thanksgiving. On the one hand, so many delicious foods can be prepared in a primal way that there is truly no need to feel deprived. After all, the turkey and the vegetables present no problems, gravy can be thickened with arrowroot, and even a tasty batch of quick rolls can be whipped up using almond flour. On the other hand, this tends to be the only day of...

Ten Things I Learned in Costa Rica

Ten Things I Learned in Costa Rica I mentioned in the 6-week-cure post that Dave and I were headed to Costa Rica for a week in November. We thought of this as a belated honeymoon for us since we never had a wedding and all that. In fact, we got married at a lawyers office on an otherwise uneventful Thursday afternoon in February when I was 11 weeks pregnant and on crutches from a sprained ankle. Its all a blur now. Actually, so is the trip...

Apple, Macadamia and Gorgonzola Stuffed Pork Chops with Cherry Reduction Sauce Recipe

Apple, Macadamia and Gorgonzola Stuffed Pork Chops with Cherry Reduction Sauce Recipe Theres something Ive been meaning to tell you. You know all the fancy photos of the food on this site The ones that make it look like we live in some kind of Autumn paradise. Or the ones that look like we spend our evenings gathered around a cozy dining room table sipping wine Its all fake. Well, the food is real, but the rest of it is staged. Dave, my husband and resident photographer, has a number of...

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