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Grain-free Primal Apple-Cardamom Breakfast Popover Recipe

Grain-free Primal Apple-Cardamom Breakfast Popover Recipe I think cardamom is an under-utilized spice. If youre not familiar with cardamom, it has a slightly sweet, pungent flavor that can be used in savory meat dishes, curries, and baked goods. You can also add some to your coffee grounds. My mom makes a cardamom braid at Christmas so I always associate cardamom with a colder season. I was thinking about how I might use cardamom more often and decided it was a...

Deviled Eggs on World Tour

Deviled Eggs on World Tour Since I’ve started eating primal, my egg consumption has gone way up. On days when I actually possess a little motivation before 9am, I might fry some with a few vegetables or some apple for breakfast. More often I eat hard boiled eggs as snacks. In my opinion, hard boiled eggs are nature’s perfect convenience food. Already in their own little wrappers, you can take them in the car, on a...

Kohlrabi Casserole with Sausage and Fresh Thyme

Kohlrabi Casserole with Sausage and Fresh Thyme This is my first year eating kohlrabi, thanks to my CSA farm share. I wonder where this vegetable has been all my life! It’s like it just appeared out of nowhere. I have only just begun to explore the possibilities of kohlrabi but so far I am quite taken. Fresh, the texture and water content (though not flavor reminds me of jicama. You can shred it, dip it, put it in a salad, whatever. Cooked,...

Primal Coconut Blueberry Muffins

Primal Coconut Blueberry Muffins I am always on the lookout for a primal baked good that still might taste good without adding honey, agave, or sweetener. Ive noticed that if you stop eating sugar for long enough, fruit starts to do a pretty good job at satisfying a desire for something sweet. It being blueberry season and all I decided Id try my hand at creating a coconut flour blueberry muffin that only uses the natural sweetness of...

Strawberry Picking and a Primal Pie

Strawberry Picking and a Primal Pie Last weekend Dave and I took the kids to pick strawberries. I love doing this type of thing with the kids because it reinforces the idea that eating plants is interesting and fun. They will be four years old in September, so they are old enough to legitimately help pick… or at least not stop us from picking once they get tired. Luckily for us, we live close to a lot of u-pick farms. Last year we...